Wikisocion Archive

This is a static archive of the wikisocion website, which is a famous English website about Socionics. However, for unknown reason, the website is down in August 2021, which is a huge loss for the Socionics community. This website is created according to the archive of Wikisocion in March 2021. According to the website, the Wikisocion website is licensed under the GFDL license and the primary authors of the original website include Rick DeLong, mu4, Expat, Siuntal, Thehotelambush etc.

Wikisocion home

Wikisocion is a site for the whole socionics community. Its purpose is to bring together and organize information in a way that allows anyone to improve and clarify it. Wikisocion is a non-commercial, permanent project that does not represent the interests of any single school of socionics, but is instead meant to accurately describe socionics as a whole and be a platform for numerous collaborative research projects. For Wikisocion moderation issues and edit access requests, please contact mu4 at English-speaking socionics community.

New to Socionics? read our Introduction to socionics.

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