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Wikisocion is a site for the whole socionics community. Its purpose is to bring together and organize information in a way that allows anyone to improve and clarify it. Wikisocion is a non-commercial, permanent project that does not represent the interests of any single school of socionics, but is instead meant to accurately describe socionics as a whole and be a platform for numerous collaborative research projects. For Wikisocion moderation issues and edit access requests, please contact mu4 at English-speaking socionics community.

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New to socionics? Read our introduction.

Socionics Types




Additional Topics

Socionics Resources

Applications and community

  • Socionists — Information about people who have published work on socionics in English or whose works have been (machine-)translated
  • Meetings and seminars — When and where people are getting together
  • Famous people types — Types of famous people, arguments for and against them (needs contributions)
  • Socionists' typings of famous people.
  • Type domains — Personal introduction to the world of each of the socionic types
  • Applications of socionics — Areas where socionics can be applied, including other fields of science and knowledge
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