Complementarity is a corollary of duality as applied to elements, functions, and dichotomies, all of which describe how and why duals are the most compatible types.

Complementary IM elements

Quadra values comprise two pairs of complementary elements, which must be either both valued or both subdued.

  • Ne and Si

  • Ni and Se

  • Fe and Ti

  • Fi and Te

Complementary functions

Function x in a type’s Model A always contains the same element as function x +/- 4 in its dual’s Model A. Thus the complementation of elements may be generalized to complementation of functions.

  • Leading and Suggestive

  • Creative and Mobilizing

  • Role and Ignoring

  • Vulnerable and Demonstrative

Complementary dichotomies

For any given dichotomy, one’s dual has to have either the same or the opposite trait. Quadra values become a specific instance of this, due to the dichotomies of merriness and seriousness (Fe/Ti vs. Fi/Te) and judiciousness and decisiveness (Si/Ne vs. Se/Ni).