This project was inspired by the book The Semantics of the Information Aspects, which attempted to concreticize the way different IM elements manifest themselves in people’s speech. Here we are looking for real-life phrases that reflect the point of view of different IM elements (or ‘psychic functions’). An equivalent project has been started on the Russian version of Wikisocion. If this page grows too large, it will be split into eight separate pages.

symbol_i.gif (extraverted intuition)

Features of symbol_i.gif speech

  • A tendency to use the conditional tense frequently (“would have been,” “what might happen,” etc.)

symbol_t.gif (introverted intuition)

Features of symbol_t.gif speech

Surrealism and symbolism. Use of imagery to represent events and concepts, painting things in such a way that they seem grander than they really are. Because symbol_t.gif types naturally look beyond what happens on the surface to the underlying bigger picture, some may complain about the omission of details (when, where, who, what) or of mysticism. Except symbol_t.gif types have enough difficulty putting their thought processes into words, much less converting what they see into details that may reflect corporal reality, but mean nothing. So those who don’t value symbol_t.gif may either fail to follow or respond with criticism, or both.

More importantly, the imagery is not static, but evolving due to their progressive thought process. When you listen to someone explain something in symbol_t.gif, it is like watching a video. One sees easily sees how one thing leads to another (if-this-then-that), as well as the interaction between symbols.

symbol_f.gif (extraverted sensing)

Features of symbol_f.gif speech

symbol_s.gif (introverted sensing)

Features of symbol_s.gif speech

  • A preference for simple sentence constructions that cannot produce confusion.

symbol_p.gif (extraverted logic)

Features of symbol_p.gif speech

symbol_l.gif (introverted logic)

Features of symbol_l.gif speech

  • A penchant for concise formulations (“No. That is incorrect.” or “A holon is a whole that is also a part.”).

  • Tend to define new words (jargon) and then use them extensively.

symbol_e.gif (extraverted ethics)

Features of symbol_e.gif speech

  • Many illustrative adverbs and superlatives (e.g. absolutely amazing!).

symbol_r.gif (introverted ethics)

Features of symbol_r.gif speech