Socionics Type Profiles by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov


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Socionics types profiles compiled by Valentina Meged and Anatoliy Ovcharov.

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ILE (Don Quixote)

ILE, ENTp (Intuitive-Logical Extrovert): INNOVATOR

Appearance: The ILE has a somewhat scattered, thoughtful, roaming gaze. At times his looks becomes attentive, openly studying the people before him, the details of their appearance, the surrounding objects, the interior of the room, etc. Occasionally, the ILE assumes an air of importance and seriousness, or looks directly at his conversation partner, while thinking about something of his own. The mimicry of his face changes very little during conversation; at times there are glimpses of shyness and social awkwardness. The ILE often smiles trying to positively predispose his conversation partner. This smile seems cordial, although not very natural and at times seemingly inadequate to the situation. His manners and behavior are unconstrained, democratic, sometimes overly free and libertine. He tries to appear easy-going and natural, when sitting can spread out and lounge. His movements often seem uncoordinated and irresolute. It seems that he doesn’t know what to do with his hands, he may lean on something even when there is no need for it. His back and posture may be a little stooped. He may walk with slightly bent knees, superfluously swinging around his hands.

Character: Well sees prospects of affairs in the future, he often comes to mind with new ideas and ambitious projects. He prefers to do what is interesting rather than what is beneficial. Curious, read a lot, often he changes his hobbies. Interested in unusual phenomena, when the case may be surprised with something new or sensational. He dislikes strict mode. Making up for lost time to time to arrange a rush jobs. In need of emotional stimuli, even shakes, as in the routine of his mood drops. Sometimes scattered, especially passionate about their thoughts. Compliant in matters of everyday life, but is able to impose their beliefs on others. Put pressure on him not - can not adequately respond. Responsive to the care and affection. Get out of a difficult situation himself, but willingly helps others tips. Resourceful and resolute in extreme situations. He tries to be useful and interesting to others, it supports all equal, friendly relations. In democratic dialogue. Tolerant of human weakness, but uncompromising in defending their beliefs. Poorly versed in the relationship, thus he’s cautious in expressing his feelings. If confident in his chances, he may be bold and assertive. Sometimes he changes the tact, but no one for a long time it is not angry.

SEI (Dumas)

SEI, ISFp (Sensory-Ethical Introvert): MEDIATOR

Appearance: The SEI typically has a soft, kind, receptive gaze that is quite expressive. Sometimes his gaze quickly moves around, carefully taking note of everything; sometimes it is attentive, staring at someone without blinking; and other times it is playful and sly. SEI’s look does not seem to penetrate deeply, but reflects well the emotional state of a person. The mimicry of SEI’s face is moderately lively. His smile is cordial, it seems natural, and corresponds well to the present situation and mood; at times it is somewhat coquettish. Frequently SEI’s face is roundish in form. His eyes and mouth during conversation can resemble the letter “o”. If his face has any large features, they become subdued by expressions of softness and kindness. SEI’s manners are modest and elegant, although at times there unexpectedly appears a tone of familiarity, which is expressed by means of affectionate touches of his conversation partners or in impelling gestures. There is a tendency to fuller figure among representatives of this type. Usually the SEI dresses with taste and enjoys accessories. His motions are confident, unconstrained, loosened, his gait seems somewhat scattered.

Character: Congenital diplomat, often engaged in conciliatory activity, is the soul of the company, but in an unfamiliar environment feels awkward. He tries to cheer people’s jokes. Always friendly and optimistic, but can not bring myself to talk to him with an unpleasant person. Internally vulnerable and secretive, he does not like to talk about their failures. Beware of making promises, because he knows it is not always able to fulfill them. It does not impose its will on others, but is able to have an emotional impact on people. Pursue their goals by means of requests, persuasion and the provision of other different services. Peacefulness and forgiving. He does not like to criticize, compete poorly defends the interests of the case, although it can agree on an informal level. Several disorganized, reluctant to perform hard work, especially if it is not to his liking. Gourmet and a hedonist: around can find pleasure. Get pleasure from the harmony of sounds, colors, smells, etc. He loves beautiful and original stuff in the home, has a good aesthetic taste. Attentive, able to deliver a pleasant people.

ESE (Hugo)

ESE, ESFj (Ethical-Sensory Extrovert): COMMUNICATOR

Appearance: ESE is distinguished by quick, tenacious gaze, that is attentive and observant but not very expressive. During conversation he can affably and interestedly look into the eyes of interlocutor and at the same time cast glances all around, keeping check on external situation. In the minutes of emotional excitation the eyes become non-blinking and acquire a tone of significance. ESE’s mimicry is lively, but somewhat monotonous. Smile appears rapidly and inconsequentially, under the effect of his own thoughts, emotions or the reactions of the other person. Frequently it serves the purpose of raising mood of others and can be very infectious. Gestures are gusty, impulsive, impatient. Gait is rapid, hammered. Posture is usually straight. ESE is energetic, cheerful, optimistic, fidgety. He is welcoming, often has a sense of humor and is light in contact. This person quickly becomes the soul of company. He tries to be liked by all and dresses with taste.

Character: Always active, always in public, quickly comes into contact. Cheerful and optimistic person, relaxed and talkative companion, creates a pleasant atmosphere of communication and has people to trust. The idealist and romantic feelings, but practical and rastoropen in everyday affairs. Inspired by the idea of matter, or crimson, trying to follow through. Well versed in the feelings and moods of people, but not - in the business qualities. It seeks to order, but often fidgety, spends a lot of effort in vain, spray on minor things. Good mood creates himself and never loses efficiency. Respect the traditions, hospitable: love feast, fun, everyone is trying to lighten the mood. Helpful and considerate, but often indignant violation of ethical conduct. He tries to instill good manners close. It knows how to stand up for themselves and for others. Wisher, but emotional and excitable, sometimes overly picky, and persevering in the details. Touchy, but it is easily appeased, and forgiving. Aesthete, tastefully dressed, knows how to cook.

LII (Robespierre)

LII, INTj (Logical-Intuitive Introvert): ANALYST

Appearance: LII’s gaze is thoughtful, cold, and distant. When it stops on his conversation partner, it becomes fixed and attentive. He can look very directly at another person, studying them without blinking. His facial expression changes slightly in conversation, becoming dreamy or soft, angry or jovial, but most frequently it remains impenetrable and undemonstrative. LII rarely smiles and only in response to specific events. Usually he is quite restrained. Sometimes, desiring to seem polite, he forces a smile that seems somewhat unnatural. He rarely laughs for real. His laughter is unusual, seems convulsive, muted, or with the shriek. His face most often maintains an impassive expression. Only rarely strong emotions can made blood rush to his skin or impart a luster to his eyes. LII’s gait is usually light, posture is straight, but often there is a noticeable constraint in his body. His shoulders may be stooped. Gestures look unsure, careful, and somewhat delayed. Frequently his figure is thin and ascetic. Repressed emotions often become expressed in the involuntary, nervous, scattered gestures. He holds himself equally appropriately with everyone, but often he is terse and keeps at a certain distance from others, not wishing to close it.

Character: Has a good analytical thinking and the development of logic. Able to concentrate on the home, putting aside all secondary. Cleverly distributes events in time and performs all scheduled deadlines. He does not like to do several things at once. I can not stand when his untimely distraction for him or empty talk and visits. Interested in different structures and classifications. Mistrustful to new ideas, but, believing in them, it is their consistent supporter. Purposeful and persistent. Always fulfills its obligations. Does not recognize the command and control, it is independent. It is difficult to impose anything, not easy to convince. He does not go on about their feelings. Do not like to walk the chain of command, sign the papers and achieve something. His annoying red tape and a waste of time and effort. Modest and unassuming in things and food. Reluctantly engaged in domestic problems. Personal questions do not like to discuss with anyone else. Restrained in the expression of feelings in communication tailgating. Loyal and tolerant of others’ shortcomings

SLE (Zhukov)

SLE, ESTp (Sensory-Logical Extrovert): COMMANDER

Appearance: It is not simple to visually diagnose people of this type, since their appearance is quite diverse, but it is possible to isolate a few common features: Often SLE’s gaze is cold, evaluating, grasping, taking note of everything, but with a certain foggy film or haziness, which at times imparts an expression of innocence, romanticism, and musing. SLE’s smile does not always correspond to the expression in his eyes and therefore can appear forced. Most frequently he smiles in response to some specific occasion, and not to positively predispose his conversation partner. His movements are well coordinated and harmonious, although can be somewhat gusty. His gait is usually smooth, confident, flexible, “cat-like”. SLE knows how to carry himself, even having considerable weight. It is evident that this person can present himself and emphasize his better physical qualities. He dresses, as a rule, with taste, and prefers things that are of good quality, expensive, and rare. His everyday dress style is commonly either business or sport attire. If he is in a good mood, he is relaxed and merry. When he is in a poor mood, his lips are tightly compressed, his gaze becomes sullen. His poses are moderately loosened, gestures are emancipated. He readily demonstrates his strength and confidence in himself. At times he becomes impatient, experiences unexpected changes in mood: first he is impulsive and sharp, then suddenly ironic and affectionate with intimate notes in his voice.

Character: strong and determined person. He loves and knows how to make an impression on others. Reticent or short-tempered, vindictive or good - it always contrasts and interesting. It can have a big impact on people both in word and deed. Have a great elusive goal increases its vitality: is it no matter what. Well-versed in the business abilities of others and know how to use them for the benefit of the case. As well he sees the weaknesses and shortcomings of others and can give short, but succinct description of the man. Willingly advises and directs the actions of others, but the clerk does not make a pitch. In such cases, can even do the opposite. He does not tolerate, when it is something imposed. The soul is inclined to doubt, it is often in a bad mood, which could affect his relationship with others. Bored if there is no place to use their power. Inclined to commit reckless acts. Willingly take risks. He does not like when people limit the free choice of what whatsoever. Have difficulty if you want to express your feelings to another person as intrinsically proud and incredulous. Stubborn and uncompromising by nature, but in the interest of the case can go to a temporary compromise. Respects influential, enterprising people, but in personal relationships prefers softer and complaisant.

IEI (Yesenin)

IEI, INFp (intuitive-ethical introvert): LYRICIST

Appearance: IEI’s gaze is diffuse, dreamy, contemplative; sometimes possessing a noticeable emotional luster. His eyes are very expressive, they study his conversation partner. This attentive gaze is not obtrusive or piercing. It is softened by an expression of certain detachment. His smile seems natural, but somewhat unsure and modest, affectionate, but at the same time restrained. The mimicry of his face is variable and expressive. Frequently it has a melancholic expression. Usually IEI positively predisposes his conversation partners with a friendly smile. His movements, as a rule, are smooth, soft, languid or lazy, which on the whole creates an impression of complaisance and insufficient willpower. His gestures are elegant, light, and a bit theatrical. His gait may be directed and rapid, but light and unconstrained. IEI’s behavior is typically undemonstrative and modest, sometimes timid and reticent. He can have unexpected changes in mood, then his behavior becomes unpredictable, or even indulgent. IEI’s speech usually is quiet and insinuating, frequently emotional with affectionate intonations.

Character: By nature - a dreamer and romantic. Indifferent to everything new, beautiful and original. He likes to impress delicacy and grace in his actions or statements. The hardships of the routine: it involves art, interested in ordinary people, extraordinary phenomena. He willingly travels, loves adventure. He hardly given business activity; more inclined to think than to act. Often it hesitates in choosing solutions that does not like commitments. Sometimes it is unpredictable. It binds to the people, trying to improve the mood of others. It is tolerant of human weaknesses and shortcomings. His kindness and serenity allow him to successfully play the role of peacemaker in dispute. He is able to use its flexibility and impact on people who can not deny his request. Very charming: smiles, even when he speaks unpleasant. It has a good sense of humor. Since it is difficult to quarrel. He has come in mood swings - from laughter to tears. Share their problems with others, need their sympathy and support. It grieved at their destruction, but, despite this, never lose hope for the best.

EIE (Hamlet)

EIE, ENFj (Ethical-Intuitive Extrovert): MENTOR

Appearance: This is the most varied and contradictory of all the types, both internally and externally. EIE most frequently has a variable gaze, not roaming, but somewhat scattered. His eyes are expressive; they show his inner emotional glow and at times melancholy. Usually these emotions do not as much mirror the present state of affairs, as they reflect EIE’s heightened impressionability. His mimicry is also very diverse, but most often in accord with the situation and the role that he has been designated. Such fine-tuning of emotions and expressions for him occurs naturally and not always intentionally. Some representatives of this type have an alarmed, nervous smile, but majority smiles rarely, preferring to keep a serious expression on their faces. EIE’s gait, as a rule, is elegant, definitive, smooth, although there is a certain noticeable fixedness in his movements. His manners and pose are often impressive, effective, aristocratic; his gestures seem premeditated. Irrespective of whether this person is modest or outstanding, he frequently lacks in naturalness.

Character: prudent and farsighted. Emotional, has a strong persuasive. It knows how to captivate people with your idea. Romantic feelings. Attentive to people willing to participate in solving their problems. Artists and responsible, although much depends on the mood. It may take up intractable problem, going through their failures hard. Inclined to doubt, hesitation, sometimes overly dramatize events, he needs moral support. Hypochondriac, proud and vulnerable. Long remember the resentment, even if it does not show. Sensitive to criticism, is suspicious of compliments. He tries to understand everyone, but not inclined to change their opinions or habits. It gives the impression of a man with a complex nature and unpredictable character. The hard compromises. Poor carries the expectation and uncertainty. Well mobilized in extreme situations without its vitality decreases. He tries to keep their emotions in front of others, but it is not always possible. Watch your manners, artistic, can choose their own special style of dress. Interested in subjects related to the mysterious and poorly understood phenomena.

LSI (Maxim Gorky)

LSI, ISTj (Logical-Sensory Introvert): INSPECTOR

Appearance: LSI’s gaze seems immovable; it takes note of everything, at times fixating on the face of his conversation partner, then sliding away. Usually LSI looks without any particular expression on his face, but at times alertness, concealed mistrust, and wariness appear in his gaze. His smile is well-wishing, but seems a bit artificial; laughter sometimes seems unnatural and contained. His mimicry is underexpressed and uniform. Often LSI makes an impression of a cold person, although in communication he may change this impression with a smile and compliments. His gait is somewhat restrained or shuffling. He walks sufficiently directly, stepping with his entire foot. Usually he looks tidy and composed and holds himself with dignity. When standing, his pose appears monumental and transfixed. LSI carries himself in an upright manner even if his shoulders are a little stooped. He sits most often in an upright pose, without leaning and slacking. Now and then LSI becomes unexpectedly categorical and sharp in his opinions and intolerant of objections, but usually he dislikes prolonged discussions. He does not like excessive familiarity in interaction, but himself keeps at a close distance with his conversation partner if he wants to positively predispose the person. In this case he will even smile somewhat ingratiatingly.

Character: Loves around the accuracy and specificity. In cases and estimates sober realist, I do not like fantasy. Suspicious of new ideas in all required facts and evidence. Artists and assiduous detail is working on the details of any case, everything leads up to the end. To all cases prepared in advance, intolerant laxity and indiscipline. Respects the laws and regulations, works well with the documentation. Economy and rational. It has a developed sense of duty. Monitors the implementation of its orders, does not accept the objection that thinks is right. Very strong-willed, tough and hard-working people. The case raises above sentiment; people evaluate the results of their work, regardless of sympathy for him. Mild takes into account the individual qualities and abilities of people. It attaches great importance to financial incentives. Not flexible enough in a relationship. Poor understands the feelings and motives of others. The soul distrustful, closed and secretive. His silence is experiencing problems without turning to others for help and sympathy. It has an exceptional sense of responsibility for their families and peers, and becomes their support in difficult situations.

SEE (Napoleon)

SEE, ESFp (Sensory-Ethical Extrovert): POLITICIAN

Appearance: SEE’s gaze is rapidly moving, cursory, noticing everything. Their eyes have one common distinguishing feature - they jump from object to object, not keeping on anything for long. They look at the interlocutor attentively, as if sympathizing, but not for very long. If made to hold their gaze, SEE starts to blink frequently. The mimicry of face is mobile, expressive, sometimes nervous, sometimes relaxed, but it always reflects SEE’s relation to situation well or the role that he has to play. If his internal state opposes this role, his smile becomes transfixed. Frequently his mouth seems slightly capricious, eyes - somewhat rounded. Motions are confident, flexible, unconstrained. Behavior is variable: sometimes intimate-sincere, sometimes cautioning with light touches or embraces, at other times haughty-mocking with one-ups and ambiguous jokes, but is most frequently it is protectively benevolent. The gait is elastic, demonstrative, sometimes disorderly. SEE frequently changes his feeling of measure and then his helpfulness, talkativeness, and familiarity can seem exasperating.

Character: Has leadership character, confident, adventurous, active. A realist and a pragmatist, but sometimes sentimental and affectionate with those he loves. Often poses a major goal and is able to achieve them. Tends to practice; He prefers to solve the problem immediately, as it can then to cool. Very mobile, committed to new experiences can become the soul of the company. He likes to be the center of attention, cause the respect and admiration. He knows how to organize leisure and entertainment of others. It may take on too many things, making them difficult to perform. He needs a positive assessment of his efforts, but sometimes the criticism also stimulates him to work. Boredom drops its vitality, then he is in need of care and compassion. He always wants to achieve more than what is. Diplomatic with people, especially with strangers and influential, to delve into their problems, strikes up useful contacts. Pays great attention to the aesthetics and appearance. Strive for high social status and material well-being. With some difficulty adjusting to the strong-willed and independent people. Tips of other listens, but goes its own way.

ILI (Balzac)

ILI, INTp (Intuitive-Logical Introvert): CRITIC

Appearance: ILI’s gaze is calm, a little melancholy, cold, detached, and thoughtful; at times it is self-submerged, at other times testing and experimental, and most offen quite scattered and diffuse. Now and then the expression of his eyes becomes mocking and sly and a bit of luster appears in them. Frequently his eyes are large and hold a concentrated look. ILI’s mimicry is quite monotonous; his facial expression is often dissatisfied or lamenting. The smile of politeness on his face sometimes does not correspond to the situation and thus seems somewhat artificial, but most often it is soft and predisposing, now and then even coquettish. ILI is usually calm and melancholic. He makes an impression of someone who is balanced, serious, a person of some depth. If he dislikes something, he may refer to it with sarcasm. His motions are smooth, unhurried, and relaxed; gait is a bit uncertain, though he tries to hold himself with dignity; his gestures are modest and undemonstrative, as is his entire manner of behavior. His pose is relaxed and unconstrained. Usually he is somewhat slow, likes to talk and chat. His speech is smooth and a little monotonic.

Character: Big skeptic and a pessimist. Liabilities and more conservative: do not like change, extremes, and when people are in a hurry and goryachatsya. Wary of enthusiasts, it encourages them to judgment. Highly intelligent, he loves to accumulate information on their situation. Curious, a good counselor in business matters. Conscientious in work is careful and accurate. He is able to move away from the useless cases, dispose of material means and calculate the budget. Appreciates a cosiness and comfort, though not always know how to create them. If his case drags, technology can bring it to perfection. Committed to peace and inner balance. It has an associative and creative thinking. Inclined to contemplative, he has a philosophical attitude to life. It can be slow and inertia in business. Long ranges in decision-making. Far-sighted, has good strategic capabilities, but has difficulty in the transition to action. Restrained in the expression of feelings, waiting for initiatives from others. I tend to analyze the actions and statements of the shortcomings of others, though not always expressed aloud. Mistrustful and tends to expose any doubts.

LIE (Jack London)

LIE, ENTj (Logical-Intuitive Extrovert): EXPERIMENTER

Appearance: LIE’s gaze is open, direct, sometimes inspecting, and then for a long time it keeps on the interlocutor. Sometimes his gaze becomes detached, irrespective of whether he is looking at a person or an object. In such cases in interlocutor gets the impression that LIE is not listening to him but thinking about something of his own. There is often a friendly smile on face of LIE, though it seems a little stretched. Sharp changes in moods are typical - sometimes he is cordial and jovial, then unexpectedly preoccupied, strict and seriousl. Mimicry of face is not rich in nuances but quite mobile. Movements are rapid, at times gusty and decisive. Gait is dynamic, but slightly fixed, sometimes even slightly bouncy. In the conversation he frequently gesticulates, speaks quickly jumbling words but with periodic hitches, sometimes will joke keeping a serious look to strengthen the effect from his joke. Frequently LIE is uninhibited and unceremonious, his behaviors is unconstrained and simple. Usually he is enthusiastic, optimistic, resilient, characterized by democratic behavior and easily closes distance in interaction.

Character: Very dynamic and sociable person. Cheerful and optimistic. Interested in theories that can be used in practice. He does not like to do something, and one to go the beaten paths. He wonders what can be rather than what is. Therefore, he often changes his hobbies, willingly invests in promising from the point of view of his projects. By trusting nature. It is easy to talk of his plans but then again he could go back to it, to use his chances completely. His character is peculiar impatience. If his case drags, he surprised everyone with his stamina in overcoming difficulties on the way to the goal. Warmly defending his beliefs. In case of failure, do not despair, be creative, can start from scratch. He does not tolerate slackers, seeking comfort and pleasure: the very low costs. Do not accept the tricks and gimmicks, prefers to negotiate on mutually beneficial terms. Responsive to the requests of strangers, but may provide little attention to the closest people. His tactlessness may unwittingly hurt his interlocutor, but it is difficult to quarrel with him, he turns everything into a joke. Often inattentive to their appearance and health. But if you decide to do it, using non-traditional methods and then achieves significant results. Very zhiznestoek.

ESI (Dreiser)

ESI, ISFj (Ethical-Sensory Introvert): GUARDIAN

Appearance: ESI has an attentive, alert gaze, that sometimes seems a little fearful or modest. Nothing escapes from his sight; he takes note of everything and analyzes it. His eyes are frequently large, beautiful, and expressive, and even if they are small they still manage to draw attention. ESI’s smile is often seems a little forced or anxious. Some representatives of this type find it very difficult to smile. Nevertheless, they will still make an effort to appear less strict. ESI’s mimicry is somewhat monotonous; sometimes his face even seems frozen. His movements are elegant, a bit constricted. His gait is usually graceful but seems somewhat angular and stiff, may resemble movements of a pendulum. His poses are elegant and without excesses; he is usually in good control of his body. In his behavior there are hints of modesty, shyness, or uncertainty. When he attempts to hide this, he usually assumes a haughty slightly provocative attitude. Most frequently ESI holds himself seriously, with dignity, and a little formally.

Character: Practical, hard-working, prudent, and consistent in everything. Loves cleanliness and order, demands it from people around him. Has a good sense of people’s vulnerabilities and knows how to defend himself and his close ones from external attacks. Somewhat conservative, stable and reliable in relations and in business. Has respect for traditions and guards them as moral values. Poorly tolerates violations of ethical norms. By his nature he is a critic and a moralist. Impatient in his soul; finds it difficult to wait for resolution of an important to him issue. Dislikes putting things off until later; prefers to do things as they come and not create any uncertainty, as it weights him down. Feels worried with any life changes, or if he cannot complete something in time. Wavers in choosing his goal. Not confident in himself and his capabilities. Painfully endures criticism in his address. Touchy, readily takes offense. Around new people he is alert and distrustful. Doesn’t take initiative in making new friendships and acquaintances, but is often the first one to break off relations. Proud - does not recognize love and friendship without reciprocity. For the sake of his loved ones or real business, can go through any difficulties.

IEE (Huxley)

IEE, ENFp (Intuitive-Ethical Extravert): INSPIRER

Appearance: IEE’s eyes are mobile and expressive. They reflect well his internal emotional state and its relation to others. Their expression is very variable. Gaze frequently is scattered, but it becomes penetrating and deep when it is focused on the interlocutor. Usually benevolent, merry and even coquettish, under the effect of the emotions it can become strained and angry. The mimicry of face corresponds to IEE’s emotional state. Emotions of IEE are very variable; therefore his mimicry is diverse - from infectious laughter to strong indignation, from ecstasy to quiet pensiveness. Frequently his face has a removed, dreamy expression. Smile appears easily and naturally on face of IEE. Sometimes he will express encouragement even if at that moment he has to voice unpleasant things. Usually around people he acts as an optimist; thus if in poor spirits, his smile and expression of eyes will not coincide. Intonations of voice will also betray his internal state. Movements are gusty, impulsive, uninhibited. Pose is free and unconstrained, sometimes somewhat theatrical, especially if he feels that he is being watched. Gait a little loose or uncoordinated. He walks rapidly, with lightness, frequently bumping into obstacles. Manners of behavior is simple and natural, but it is a little demonstrative. He does not like touch and familiarity. Skillfully regulates distance in interactions.

Character: astute, well aware of the motives of people and can predict the development of their relations in the future. He reaches for capable and creative people. Notices dignity of others, and willing to make compliments. In childlike, open and straightforward. Pretty unseasoned and impatient surprise others with their originality. Simplicity, sincerity and goodwill has to trust. It seeks to encourage everyone to give hope. Very resourceful and inventive. Willingly advises how to find a way out of difficult positions. Inquisitive, interested in everything new and unusual, a great visionary. Not envious, I rejoice at the successes of others. Touchy and vulnerable, but it is easily appeased, and forgiving. Tired of routine, frequently changes his hobbies. Opponent formulaic approaches and discipline. In extreme situations, bold, decisive and very functional. It may give a sharp rebuff, defending his beliefs or interests family. Emotional, dispersed, scattered and restless. He dislikes monotonous, tedious work. Poor planning their activities, because of what is often no time to the appointed date. It is difficult to distinguish the important from the secondary, so often overload yourself with unnecessary and irrelevant matters contacts.

SLI (Gabin)

SLI, ISTp (Sensory-Logical Introvert): EXPERT

Appearance: SLI’s gaze is variable: sometimes it is directed at one point, other times it glides across surrounding objects, taking note of everything. His eyes look calm, cold, serious, but if his conversation partner expresses positive predisposition, his look softens. The expression of his eyes reflects SLI’s general relation to people around him - at times ironic, at times amiable, and other times politely apathetic. His mimicry is monotonous. The expression on his face is most often even and calm, and may look frozen; occasionally it becomes animated but only for a short while and in accordance with the situation. In general SLI’s face looks like an impenetrable, emotionless mask. His smile is somewhat restrained, though at times is becomes unexpectedly open and sincere. Facial expression is usually somewhat ridiculing, mocking. SLI holds himself confidently, undemonstratively but with dignity. He doesn’t like when he is examined and stared at, prefers to keep aside. May seem callous, haughty, and unapproachable. Adopts poses that are comfortable and relaxed, frequently slouches and slides off his seat a little. He notices the slightest discomfort in his environment: noises, unpleasant smells, temperature oscillations. Very enterprising in matters of creation and maintenance of the necessary levels of comfort, but without excesses; he values convenience above everything else.

Character: his strengths - the ability to make sensible and useful deeds. He loves tinkering and rarely asks for help to others. Inventor in the home and at work, which he likes. Mistrustful to new ideas, but if you check them in practice, is able to extract the maximum benefit from them. Very modest and undemonstrative, does not like to exhibit their achievements show. The soul is sensitive to compliments. Do not accept egalitarianism. Worry, if the results of his work is not appreciated. Opponent volitional pressure, prefers to financial incentives. Mandatory and punctual, but really depends on the mood. The fact that he considers right, stubborn and uncompromising. Proud and very independent, but appreciates friendship. Faithful in relationships, sensitive and attentive to people. Very impressionable, poorly control their emotions during the dispute, what then sorry. He does not like to show their feelings, especially in public. I inclined to skepticism, irony and loves to joke. Hidden and silent, kept in communication at a distance, not like familiarity, can put people in place. He appreciates comfort and convenience, she loves change experiences, willingly traveling.

LSE (Stierlitz)

LSE, ESTj (Logical-Sensory Extrovert): MANAGER

Appearance: LSE’s gaze is quick, evaluating, cold, noting everything around to the very least detail. Eyes look at the interlocutor directly, point blank, and in spite of emotional luster do not seem very expressive. It is as if his eyes are asking for and receiving information, but do not issue it. But strong feelings - interest or indifference, anger or happiness - are always easily read in the eyes of typically restrained LSE. Mimicry of LSE is impoverished, face is strained, because of this he seems a little nervous. Lips are tightly compressed. His rare smile is a little stretched, but his laughter is very infectious. Gait usually is either certain or gusty, angular, as if wooden. He as if “stamps” his steps. His back is the shape of straight line, inflexible. Gestures are decisive, sharp, confident. Looks agitated, cannot remain in one pose for long. Often has strong built or thickset figure, is militarily taut. The manner of behavior is aristocratic, official, strict. Holds at a distance, with dignity.

Character: very practical and hardworking. Never relax, maintaining a stable performance in any mood. He does not tolerate laziness and lack of discipline, useless and idle fancy affairs. Condemns the illogical actions, it does not forgive optional. He loves around the clarity and precision. It tries to be well informed, competent person. In a conversation based on the facts. Punctual and conscientious, with a strong sense of duty. He knows how to manage people. A fighter for quality. Stuck in the details of the work can be hard to meet deadlines, which is painfully aware. When people criticize his methods of work, it can flare up. Very emotional, strong and uncompromising. In dealing with outsiders is usually polite and restrained, is committed to adhere to the rules of etiquette. But with close to him sometimes diplomacy is not enough: there is too strict and straightforward. It is difficult to express approval, make compliments to others. He tries to hide his emotions and feelings, but he did not always succeed. Neat and smart, but not mod. He loves established good traditions and order. Gourmet periodically arranges a feast of friendship, love luxury and beautiful things. Their habits and beliefs do not change. Its very inconvenienced by any uncertainty and instability of the situation.

EII (Dostoevsky)

EII, INFj (Ethical-Intuitive Introvert): HUMANITARIAN

Appearance: EII’s gaze is often attentive, analyzing, astute and discerning, but soft. Sometimes it seems a little detached and scattered, other times studying the person before him, shy and embarrassed. Now and then EII’s gaze expresses a silent reproach as a consequence of his concealed and unexpressed thoughts or impressions. His eyes are very expressive and easily convey feelings of sympathy or offense; then they convey hidden pain and melancholy, much more rarely happiness. The mimicry of his face, conversely, is very limited. Most often EII’s face seems inspirited, calm and impassive, and a little tense. He smiles rarely; his smile seems shy and discreet. EII’s poses and gestures are undemonstrative. He is usually a little bit restrained in conversation. The tone of his voice is muted, even his exclamations don’t seem loud. He’s rarely verbose and grandiloquent, but only in cases when he has to defend his opinions and principles. EII doesn’t always enter an argument, nevertheless, he is very stubborn and set in his convictions.

Character: EII’s main characteristics are attentiveness to people and a dose of humanism. He is diligent and punctual, thorough and detailed in any undertaking or assignment. Dislikes the rush, thus prepares in advance. Knows how to allocate tasks and events in time, and complete them by the deadline. Shows empathy and active kindness towards people who are close to him. Though his dedication often gets taken advantage of, as it is difficult for him to turn a person down. A little unsure of himself, not showy. Has a negative attitude towards violence and authoritarianism, opposing them with quiet stubbornness and endurance. Avoiding disputes can give way, but does not change their beliefs. Do not forgive injustice and betrayal, uncompromising in matters of morality and ethics. In other matters compliant and tolerant. He prefers to hide his emotions, even-tempered and restrained in a relationship. Revelation only with loved ones. Impressionable and vulnerable, hard to tolerate argument, she tries to reconcile the warring parties, but to be objective. Poor suffers alone, but their society does not impose.